The RWAX DAO is a community governance system where RGO token holders collectively decide on platform upgrades, partnerships, growth initiatives and more. By participating, you can directly influence The RWAX roadmap.

As a DAO member, you help decide:

  • New RWA Indexes - Vote to list indexes and expand markets.

  • Strategic Partnerships - Forge collaborations that benefit our community.

  • Platform Upgrades - Propose and approve new features and instruments.

  • Community Growth - Nominate contributors and advisors to join our mission.

  • Ongoing Improvements - Address operational and strategic priorities.

DAO membership brings rewards:

  • Earn yields through the Treasury.

  • Access exclusive opportunities to shape The RWAX.

  • Get involved in an engaged, inclusive community.

Your RGO tokens empower you to actively participate in shaping the protocol's evolution, ensuring a vibrant and engaged community.

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